About ICIC

International Charity For Ill Children is in memory of Hiep Trung Nguyen. It was my son’s wish to return to Vietnam to help those children, whose families are unable to help them. But unfortunately, Hiep passed away in 2004 and it is my pledge to carry out his wishes. Hiep’s dreams can be made a reality with your help. It is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to providing financial and medical assistance to children in need in Vietnam. Please open your heart and give the gift of life to sick children.

After travelling to Vietnam on two occasions, Kim realized that there were a great number of children in need of medical care. Knowing that she did not have the financial resources to meet this needs, the Charity for Ill Children was established in 2005 with the hope that the volunteers and donations would help alleviate the suffering for the sick children in Vietnam.

Our Mission

  • To assist with the cost of medical care, hospital expenses, and other basic supplies for critically ill children in Vietnam.
  • To assist with the cost of operations, chemotherapy, and medications to cancer children of Vietnam.

Our Objectives

  • To relieve poverty in developing countries like Vietnam, by providing food and other basic supplies to person in need.
  • To provide the necessities of life to: unfortunate kids, terminal illness kids, and sick children.
  • To provide milk and other basic food items, and medicine for sick kids.
  • To improve the quality of drinking water, by constructing water wells in countryside villages and improve water treatment systems.
  • To improve the quality of life for sick kids in the developing countries like Vietnam and others.